Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these Tasty Tequila Drinks

April 28, 2017

Cinco de Mayo - or the fifth of May – is a celebration to commemorate the Mexican army’s 1862 victory during the Franco-Mexican War. Today we celebrate the day with street festivals, mariachi music, amazing Mexican food and lots of tequila. Here are five different types of tequila and some cocktail recipes that are sure to get your fiesta started!


Reposado - This 100% Blue Agave tequila comes from the Los Altos region of Jalisco, Mexico. The award-winning Reposado, or ‘rested’ tequila, takes on an amber colour as a result of their time spent aging in oak barrels. It has a medium to full bodied flavour with a sweet tropical fruit and vanilla spices.

Blanco - Espolòn also produces a Blanco tequila that is clear and had a light and bright agave flavour.

Both are best enjoyed over ice, or as the feature ingredient in a number of cocktails. Below are a couple that your guests will love:

Cinco espoloma
2 oz. Espolòn Reposado tequila
1 oz. Fresh lime juice
0.5 oz. Grapefruit juice
0.5 oz. Triple Sec
2 oz. Lemon lime soda
3 dashes Angostura Bitters

Combine all ingredients, then shake and strain into a highball glass.

Sangre Margarita
2 oz. Espolòn Blanco tequila
1 oz. Blood orange Juice
1 oz. Fresh lemon Juice
1 oz. Triple Sec

Shake and strain into a cocktail glass rimmed with cinnamon and sugar. Garnish with a blood orange twist.


Don Julio

Don Julio is one of the most renowned tequilas in the world. Founder, Don Julio González, revolutionized tequila from the ground up, by planting each agave plant further apart, giving them more room to grow and allowing each plant to grow to full maturity before harvesting. The result was a smooth, rich tequila that people across the globe have come to love.

Their Blanco, Reposado and Anejo are the three most popular bottles. The Blanco is clear with a light, sweet agave flavour. Reposado is aged for eight months in white-oak barrels, giving it a golden amber colour with hints of dark chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon. Don Julio's Anejo is the most expensive of the three, and is aged in smaller batches for 18 months, giving it a full-bodied, superior taste.

Blanco Luxury Margarita
1.5 oz. Don Julio Blanco tequila
3/4 oz. Agave nectar
3/4 oz. Fresh lime juice
1 lime twist

Cinco Don drinkCombine first three ingredients to a cocktail shaker, add ice, shake well, and pour over ice. Garnish with a lime twist.

Reposado Paloma
1.5 oz. Don Julio Reposado tequila
1 oz. Grapefruit juice
0.5 oz. Agave nectar
0.5 oz. Fresh lime juice

Combine first four ingredients to a cocktail shaker, add ice, shake well and pour over ice. Top with soda and garnish with a grapefruit twist or lime wedge.

Anejo Manhattan 
1 1/4 oz. Don Julio Anejo tequila
0.5 Sweet Vermouth
Dash of cocktail bitters
1 orange peel 

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass, then add large ice cubes. Stir until cold, keeping viscosity intact. Strain into chilled Martini glass and garnish with orange peel.






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