Personalized Private Wine Locker Program

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The Ultimate Experience - The Private Locker Program

The most personalized program we have that is for wine enthusiasts of all levels.

Unlock a New Surprise Monthly
Does it seem like you always have the same trusted wines in your glass? Is it time to switch things up?

Our Private Locker Program is the perfect way to explore the world of wine with the safety net of our Sommelier Concierge Service. Our certified Sommeliers will lead you on a totally custom and personalized wine adventure!

On the first Friday of each month you will find your private locker filled with wines hand-selected just for you. We source out wines from all over the world to use exclusively in this program, in every style and only from quality producers. If you are looking for a fully engaged and interactive wine experience – this is the program for you.

Benefits of Personalized Private Wine Locker Program

Personalized, Tailored
• A personalized keyed-wine locker with a name plate.
• A tailored wine profile designed with your in-house Sommelier.
• Exclusive personalized wine selections placed in your locker each month according to your level of ownership.

Exclusive, Private
• Occasional wine selections that are exclusive to participants and not available for purchase off the shelf.
• Complimentary Sommelier-facilitated wine tastings for participants each year.
• Advance notice of Co-op Wine Spirits Beer events and dinners.

Sommelier Concierge
Sommelier concierge service for assistance in planning menus, tastings and personal events.


Grow Your Personal Wine Collection

Private Locker FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions about your wine locker service.
Have questions about our Private Locker program? Have a look at some of the most common questions we hear, or contact us for more information.

How will I access the key to my locker?
You will receive two keys for your locker when you meet with your Sommelier to discuss your personal wine profile. The sommelier will also have a master key.

Can I share my locker with anyone?
Sharing a wine locker is permitted with one other person of your choice. The two of you will sit down with the Sommelier together to work out your joint wine profile.

What if I need to cancel my program early?
While the commitment for our Private Wine Locker Program is one year, we recognize that due to unforeseen circumstances you may need to cancel your program early. Should this occur, we require one full month’s written notice to terminate your locker program.

Are there any hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees for the Private Wine Locker Program. You pay a $50 administration fee when you sign up for your locker and then only pay for the chosen monthly wine costs that have been agreed on with our sommelier. Our base monthly commitment is $150.00, however you are free to increase your commitment at any time.

Can I change my original wine profile?
Of course, this program is designed to allow you to learn about and explore wines, spirits and beers from around the world. Your Sommelier will meet with you by appointment to discuss expanding or changing your profile.

How will my private collection be maintained?
Your bottles will be carefully placed in your personal locker by the first Monday of each month.

How do I collect my bottles each month?
When you open your locker, your bottles will be secured with a black cap that needs to be removed at one of our checkout tills. Your collection is paid monthly, so you are not required to pay anything at the checkout.

How many bottles fit in one locker?
Your locker is designed to hold 12 x 750ml bottles, but it can be adjusted to accommodate different sized bottles. Any large or uniquely formatted bottles may need to be kept with the Sommelier until you are able to arrange a time to pick them up.

Can I have other products put in my locker?
Definitely. You and your Sommelier will work together on your personal profile and you can discuss the different areas of wine, spirits and beer that you would like to explore.

What if I lose the key to my locker?
The administration fee that you are charged when you signed up for the program will be used towards re-keying your locker. Should the cost exceed the $50.00, you will be responsible for the additional costs.

How can I set up the program for a gift?
The Private Wine Locker Program makes a great idea for wine enthusiasts of any level. As the fees are paid monthly you would arrange with the sommelier to have your credit card used for the monthly commitment fees. If you would prefer to pay the year’s fees in one payment, that can also be arranged.

How will my selections be paid for?
When you sit down with your Sommelier for the initial wine profile meeting, they will take an imprint of the credit card that you would like to have kept on your file. This card will then be charged with the agreed upon amount on the first of every month.

What does the Sommelier concierge program include?
As part of the Private Locker Program you will have access to one of Co-op’s in-house Sommeliers to personally work with you to design your own personal wine profile, to help in planning personal events, and to help you learn the best care and use of the wines that you have personally chosen. It is like having your own personal sommelier on speed-dial.

When can I access my locker?
Your locker will be available to you during the normal business hours of your locker’s location. Please check with your Sommelier or store employees for more specific hours.