Stout to Lager: A Quick Guide to Beer Styles

December 16, 2016

Confused about all the different types of beer? This is an easy guide to a couple of the common types.

Lagers: beer styles web

Light in body, crisp and clean. They generally go well with fast foods.

Pale Ale:

Light amber in colour with a clean, yeasty fruitiness and a dry hoppy finish. They go with light meats and cheddar cheese. Serve at 13 °C. Example Bass Ale.

Brown Ale:

Can be either sweet or medium dry. Serve with beef stews, dessert or assorted nuts. Serve at 13 °C. Example Newcastle Brown Ale.


Dark, almost black ale exhibiting coffee and chocolate tones. Dry and slightly bitter. Serve chilled but not too cold. Example Guiness Pub Draught.

Wheat Beer:

Usually made with 30 - 60 % wheat, the rest is barley. It is crisp with aromas of fresh bread. Very good in hot weather with a slice of lemon. Serve well chilled. A Belgian type of wheat beer made with yeasts and often flavoured with cherries or raspberries. Serve chilled with sharp cheeses or as an appetizer.

Fruit Beers:

Usually made with the addition of flavoured extracts rather than fermenting the actual fruit. Examples Alley Kat Aprikat and Wild Rose Wraspberry.


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